Designer. Creator. Innovator.


Colton is the name; design is the game. Since becoming a freelancer, I’ve had the chance to work with clients and products of all sorts. It has truly opened my eyes to the real world, for the good, especially when it comes to consulting and being a leader.

When I’m between freelance clients, I’m working on concept projects. I can’t go a day without creating something. It’s in my blood. Whether it’s user insights, concept designs, or even something as simple as a color palette, something always gets created.

Naturally, I’m always trying to innovate too. Finding ways to be unique and differentiate my work is something I regularly aim for. I try to stand out as much as possible, never losing sight of the user experience though.

Other than design, I'm a simple guy who likes hanging out with family and friends. In my free time, I like playing PC games and dabbling in music production. I’m also addicted to caffeine like everyone else and like trying every new menu item at Taco Bell.

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